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Many of our patients come from abroad to seek their dental treatment with us. We are recognised by Madrid´s Department of Health and we form part of an international network of dental and orthodontic services which allows our patients continued professional care in a large part of the world.

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New Dental Plans

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary we have developed, for a limited number of patients, affordable dental health plans to cover the needs of families, seniors and individuals using the finest dental materials, first class laboratories and the most advanced techniques that are currently available.

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Jaw and temporomandibular pain and discomfort

Are you experiencing any jaw pain and/or clicking?

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is very likely that you are suffering from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.

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Cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry in the center of Madrid in Spain

We love before and after dental cases

dental care

Check out our dental cases.

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Dental filling in Cisne Dental Madrid

Which is better, composite or amalgam fillings?

oral health

There are conflicting views over the use of amalgam as a filling material mainly because it contains the element mercury. Scientists agree that dental amalgam fillings leach mercury into the mouth.

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  • "Over the years I´ve always been impressed by the professionalism, care and precision in all the treatments that I have had. I have just recently completed my full mouth rehabilitation with implants and have to say that the result is spectacular and has had an enormous positive impact in my life. Thankyou to the team".

    Mr. A. Pitts - Director of International Law Firm (Madrid)
  • "After many unsatisfactory experiences with dentistry in the UK I found about Dr. Ian through a friend and have organised various visits to Madrid since then. My daughter has just completed her two year course of orthodontics and the rest of my family have had relatively simple preventive treatments. I am very happy with the results, very reasonable prices and great experiences in Madrid!"

    Mrs. Lisa Atkinson - Teacher (UK)
  • "Dr. Ian Daniel has been my dentist for more than 10 years. I have nothing but good words to say about how I have been treated, the results obtained and the flexibility he has shown. Makes you feel comfortable and well informed throughout the process. Excellent service."

    Mr. I. Hernández - Gral. Director at Nessa Global Banking Solutions (Spain)
  • "Before seeing Dr. Ian I have experienced many dentists around the world. I have finally found the dentist who I completely trust to achieve the finest results. Thanks!"

    Mr. Sean Mackaoui - International renowned artist
  • "It seems like I´ve had almost all possible dental treatments over the past 15 years, starting with orthodontics followed by implants and even laser tooth whitening. I am delighted with the professionalism, the aesthetic result and the caring service received".

    Mr. R. Antón - Antón Arquitectos Director (Spain)